I truly enjoy writing about the weird, bizarre, amazing, wonderful things life throws at me when I’m not looking. Things like, oh I don’t know…BREAST CANCER. Or when I’m running. Or when I’m riding. Or when I am simply living.

This blog is about getting blindsided with breast cancer, and all that comes with it. My love/hate relationship with running. My joy and sometime misery when riding my motorcycle.

And how I truly try to find a way to live up to my motto: vive ut vivas.

This blog will be about all of those things. Or none of those things.

My husband and I live near Seattle, WA. We have two German Shepherds; one is a total crank, the other a total derp (the dogs, not the husband). Our kids are grown, and exploring what it’s like to ‘adult’. They somehow still manage to worry me to no end.

I have climbed several mountains in the northwest, including Mt. Rainier (twice), Mt. Baker (thrice), Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens and one attempt of Mt. Shasta.

I run to keep my head, my heart and my body healthy. Sometimes I hate it. Most of the time I love it.

I have ridden my motorcycle to the Arctic Circle, Alaska; the Redwoods in California; Glacier National Park in Montana; all over British Columbia and half of Vancouver Island.

I swear like a trucker, I like whiskey, could eat my bodyweight in East Indian food, and am a sucker for a sappy pet video.

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